The Basic Plating And Serving Techniques That You Should Apply

plating techniques

The Basic Plating And Serving Techniques That You Should Apply

If you are in the hotel management or food and beverage industry, plating might be one of your most considered tasks. When you’re serving food, giving your customers the food they ordered is not enough – you need to contemplate on other factors.

You have to be knowledgeable when it comes to plating your food because this adds to your brand’s reputation, better customer experience, and displays your commercial place’s differential advantage.

When plating your food, you should remember these things first:

You have to know what kind of dish you’ll prepare – the kind of cuisine, and the portion sizes of the meal. When you place the ingredients, you do it carefully – think of it as art. The presentation, however, should not overshadow the taste; you should make sure that your meal tastes good and the presentation is just an addition to its appeal.

The Guidelines for Plating Food

1. You should choose the right plates.  

We all know that there are varied types of plates that are specified on what meal you’ll prepare and during which occasion it’s going to be used. There are soup plates, porcelain platters, buffet platters, and many others.

2. You should place the ingredients correctly.

As you place your ingredients, think of your plate as a clock. Proteins should be in 3 and 9, while your starch must be placed from 9 to 12 and the vegetables should be from 12 to 3.

3. Choose the right accessories.

Of course, your table must also look appealing. You should choose the right table accessories and adorn your table with vases, cutleries, napkins, and other decorations.

4. Choose a credible supplier.

As for your crockery in Dubai, you have to make sure that you will only use the highest quality of crockery and cutleries for your commercial place. With this, you need to work with a credible and reliable supplier and provider if fine crockery.

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