What are the different examples of table accessories and why do I need it?

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What are the different examples of table accessories and why do I need it?

We, Porceletta have a wide range of varieties of table accessories from KSA, Dubai, Oman, and Qatar. These accessories can truly add aesthetic qualities to your table and can evoke class that your customers or visitors will appreciate.

Aside from table accessories, we also provide crockery supplies. We are a porcelain supplier and most of our clients are companies in the hospitality industry or from the food and beverage industry. All our products evoke durability and reliability – they are tried and tested to be resilient. The longevity of our products is also one of the reasons why our clients are always satisfied.  Its designs are planned meticulously in order to suit the business or the lifestyle of our clients. Indeed, we are your partner when it comes to porcelain products.

Did you know, though, that your table accessories can help you in your business?

Here are the reasons why:

  1. When clients see your table accessories, they will be interested in asking you questions like, “Why do you have it?”, “Why is this the design you chose?” and from there, it can generate communication which can lead to negotiations and transaction, possibly.
  2. Seeing that your table accessories evoke class, organization, and beauty to your place, potential customers will have a sneak-peek of how you do your business process. They will have an impression that you do your job well, and they will be intrigued to know about you more.


Why do you need to invest in table accessories?

First, is because they are easy to assemble and transport. You won’t have a hard time in putting them in your place and reorganizing them whenever you want to.

Second, they are customizable – we, for example, give you the right to customize your own product. You can personally design it and put your logos or whatever you want to put on it.

And third is, it can add color or life to your place. Nobody wants to work in a dull and dismal workplace, right? And adding table accessories in your kitchen or in your office can be a good way to make it look and feel more vibrant.


What are the different examples of table accessories?

Here are some of the table accessories that we offer:


For your home or office:

Flower Vase


Persimmon Vase

Napkin holder

Cake Stand

For your kitchen:

Condiment Set

Sugar Pot

Salt and Pepper Container


Cup and Saucer

If you need any porcelain crockery supply or table accessory, contact us anytime and we will gladly provide you our products that have the highest-quality.






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