The Do’s and Don’ts To Remember When Taking Care of your Crockery at Home

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The Do’s and Don’ts To Remember When Taking Care of your Crockery at Home

When it comes to homeware, people tend to be meticulous in choosing the ones they’d purchase and utilize at home. Of course, you need to opt for the most durable and high-quality ones especially your crockery. For your dinnerware, you have to be aware that your family’s health is also at risk if you fail to guarantee that your crockery isn’t that reliable.

Your crockery supplier must be credible – before you settle on a sole provider, you need to assure that you can trust them; that they will be able to give you sturdy and classy crockery supplies as well as table accessories in Dubai.

And to retain your supplies’ original appearance here are some of the Do’s and Don’ts that you should follow:


  1. Do make sure that you delicately clean your crockery every time – handle it with care and don’t exert too much effort on it; just enough.
  2. Do make sure to follow instructions in the parcel – especially the amount of detergent you’re going to use when cleaning or if the water needs to be cold or lukewarm.
  3. Do consider polishing your crockery during special occasions and events that will be held in your home.
  4. Do consider putting a protective layer in between your plates and cups especially when you stack them.



  1. Don’t forget that as much as possible, handwash your crockery especially the most delicate ones like porcelain and crystal.
  2. Don’t allow food to stay too much on the crockery to avoid stains.
  3. Don’t put the crockery directly into flame because it might crack or break as a result.
  4. Don’t scratch dried food on your crockery – instead, soak it with lukewarm water and let the dried food to be removed. Also, make sure that all your crockery is stored in a cool, dry, place in room temperature.


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