How Should You Take Care of Your Crockery

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How Should You Take Care of Your Crockery

Crockery is all that you use as kitchen utensils and dining utensils. They can be made from clay or porcelain. They are reasonably priced because of its overall appearance and durability. Mostly used only for special occasions, these types of crockery are truly every mother’s valuable collection.

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In this article, however, we are going to share some tips with you, regarding the proper care for your crockery.

Generally, crockery is used only for serving food, and never for cooking. You should wash them as soon as you are no longer using them. In washing, never use scrubbing pads, but rather use cloth. They are all microwave safe, but make sure that no metallic substance is used on the piece, because if yes, this can make the product not suitable for microwave.

If you are using a dishwasher, never place the crockery so close to each other. You should set the temperature as per the manual, and never add extra detergent because this might give your crockery an unpleasant finish. Although, you should be very particular in using detergent – choose the one that’s appropriate for crockery because using the wrong one can affect the shine in your glazed crockery.

And if you are going to stick with hand washing, use a sponge with a mild detergent so that there will be no scratches on your crockery. Ideally, your chinaware must be washed by hand. It is also better to place the cloth on the sink to avoid damage, whenever the crockery slips off your hand. And after washing, wipe it with a dry cloth again. However, if there are dried stains on your crockery, soak it in a soap-water mixture for a while and then wash, rinse, and wipe it to dry off.

Actually, it is advisable to keep your crockery in a place with fewer disturbances, like a cabinet. Stack all the crockery with the same sizes and types, but never make it tower-like. You can also put tissue in between each piece to avoid scratches and abrasion.

Owning crockery needs intensive care, and we hope this article helped you in taking care of your crockery collection.



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