What Makes Porcelain Really Special?

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What Makes Porcelain Really Special?

Classic and vintage collectors of kitchenware and crockery would know that porcelain is indeed one of the best materials that exist in the world. Originating from China, porcelain had paved its way to be distributed all over the world because of the certain characteristics that made people love it.

We, Porcelatta, are a porcelain supplier in Dubai. We are also known as a crockery supplier, and we pride ourselves on distributing high-quality porcelain products all over UAE. Our porcelain kitchenware is made out of the best materials and we offer unique services to our clients, as well.  One of which is the customization of their own porcelain, giving them the chance to design and give a ‘special touch’ to the porcelain that they acquire from us.

Like what we previously stated, a lot choose porcelain for their kitchenware at home, or even in certain business. You might be wondering what makes them adore porcelain that is why we have listed down the different characteristics of porcelain – the reasons why it is the most popular type of material for crockery in the world.



Porcelain originated from China in the 7th Century. It is formed through the blending of clay alongside other substances ( e.g. kaolin ) and firing them all together at high temperature – the reason why porcelain appears to be glass-like. In the ancient times, only the rich and famous were able to afford porcelain in their homes.



Porcelain is really strong, durable, tough, translucent, and non-porous. Everything that is made out of porcelain is likely to last a very long time. Porcelain is hard but smooth to touch. The finish makes it smooth ( or rough ) depending on how it was made. Porcelain preserves its characteristics and color for so long. Its whiteness, translucency, and resonance make it really the most chosen product among all the other kitchenware types.



If you own porcelain kitchenware, all you have to do to retain its classy and elegant appearance is to wipe it with a soft cloth. If it needs to be washed, then wash it with warm water – not hot – and a mild detergent.

As a leading porcelain supplier, we collated this information to give you additional knowledge about your porcelain products and how you can take care of them. Should you need any porcelain product for your kitchenware in your home or business, never hesitate to come to us and check out our wide range of porcelain products that are suited to your taste and lifestyle.


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