Porcelain: A Good Choice for Casual or Formal Dinners

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Porcelain: A Good Choice for Casual or Formal Dinners

There are different kinds of dinnerware; it varies depending on their uses and characteristics. Both for casual or formal dining, you need to set up a distinctive type of dinnerware on the table.

You can choose among porcelain, earthenware, stoneware, and many more choices. Each has qualities that differentiate them from one another, and whatever you select, will give you a good experience as your dinnerware.

If you ever need to purchase porcelain or crockery, however, you can trust us, Porceletta, with this. We are a prominent crockery supplier and porcelain supplier in Dubai. We guarantee that all our products are resilient and tough, long-lasting and enduring–all suited for your commercial or residential needs.

If you happen to choose porcelain, however, we are going to discuss why it is the best choice that you can make.


  1. Porcelain is made of fine-particle clay – feldspar, quartz, and kaolin – making it truly durable and nonporous. It is also translucent and lightweight; thin and delicate in appearance. At the same time, it is truly white – making it look classier.
  2. Porcelain is also versatile because it can be used in a microwave – however, if it has a metal rim, it is not suitable to be placed in a microwave. Porcelain is also safe in dishwashers and ovens – unless it is stated otherwise by the supplier.
  3. Usually, porcelain is used in fancy or formal dinners – it is reserved and kept in a cool, dry place to avoid scratches and damages. But if you want to have elegant dinners with your family, you can use porcelain, too.
  4. Bone China is more expensive than Porcelain, making porcelain your best pick. It is somehow brittle, so more prone to chipping – that is why it is treated with more care.
  5. Porcelain is a very hard material, and one thing that also makes collectors like Porcelain is the sound that it makes when it struck lightly – it creates a clear ring-like sound.


There are 2 types of porcelain:

Soft paste – porous somewhat, and creamier in color

Hard-paste – non-porous, and extremely white in color


To prevent breakage and cracking, you should use a gentle sponge are a scraper to remove the stains from your left-overs. Don’t soak it in a pre-rinse solution for a long time.

Also, dry your porcelain immediately right away with a cloth to prevent water spots.

Porcelain requires utmost care, but it is indeed a good choice for your formal dinnerware – or a casual one.

If you need porcelain or crockery, however, you can contact us anytime and we can give you the best products we have.







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