Ways on How to Test the Durability and Stability of Porcelain

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Ways on How to Test the Durability and Stability of Porcelain

It’s a well-known fact that porcelain is indeed one of the most durable types of dinnerware in the household. But as a consumer, how will be able to know that the products that you purchased from your trusted porcelain supplier are sturdy and tough enough?

Knowing if your purchased products are durable is important because may it be for residential or commercial use, you have to be given the guarantee that what you bought will be worth all monetary value that you spent it on.

And if you want to know, we’ll tell you some of the ways to test your porcelain crockery.

  1. You can check it through thermal shock test. The purpose of this test is to know if the item is durable enough to withstand any thermal and rapid temperature change.
  2. You can also see if your porcelain will always be free from stains. The stain resistance test will tell you if your item will retain its ceramic glaze even after numerous use and washing.
  3. If you are using dishwashers at home, you must try the dishwashing test. Through this, you will know if the porcelain item you bought can also withstand the procedures done in a dishwasher. Some items claim to be “dishwasher-safe” when in fact they’re not; hence, you need to test your item right away to make sure that you bought durable porcelain in Dubai.
  4. Because your porcelain item is made up of various components, there are times when all these are not bound together which causes minute gaps and holes. Therefore, you should also check it through the water leakage test.
  5. And of course, the most important of all, the microwave test. Before you punt anything inside your microwave, you should know first that it’s safe to use in the appliance. And the same thing goes with your porcelain item – you should know that it’s alright to put in a microwave as well.


However, you can trust that all porcelain items we supply from Porceletta are durable, safe, sturdy, and withstanding. We are a prominent porcelain supplier in Dubai; hence, you can guarantee that we’ll give you only the highest quality of items. You can contact us anytime and we’ll give you what you need.





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