The story

Porceletta specializes in offering customer the finest porcelain products, table and kitchenware fitted to suit a range of events and special occasions. Leading Porcelain manufacturer in Dubai, KSA, Oman, and Qatar
Innovation, design and durability are porceletta’s main attributes which give consumers the opportunity of using our products long-term. The longevity of our products best suit consumers in the hospitality industry such as hotels and restaurants. Our products are designed specifically to undertake the pressure of being used repeatedly over a long period of time. We seek to provide our customers with innovative designs, to ensure our products support their lifestyle.
Everyday our efforts are directed at offering consumers a wide range of collections in porcelain designs to last unchanged across time, styles and shapes tailored to suit personal and business experience.  
Offering our customers the novelty of customizing our quality products is our specialty. We pride ourselves on offering our customers the service of customizing their porcelain, giving them a chance to make our products their own. 
Consumers are given the opportunity to personally design their chosen collections. Our services enable consumers to design logos for their cooperation as well as customizing their desired mold to enhance their branding efforts. Our customization service is also catered to consumers that would like to add their ‘special touch’ to our products, allowing them to handpick their custom design upon request.