Chocolate Set


Are you looking for some new way to surge your pleasure while you are preparing your favorite chocolate melt and dip?

The special Chocolate Set brought to you by Porceletta is definitely made to make the best out of such an experience, for its beautiful design, innovative function, and durable texture.

It’s never easier to melt chocolate for dipping and create delicious treats that can make any occasion special. Actually, our Chocolate Set would make a great outcome by ensuring a perfect slow melting, so dipping can start as soon as melting process is complete, guaranteeing flawless treats that taste heavenly.

Our experts' advice has been always to look for durability when choosing your dinnerware, now Porceletta offers this in addition to the great design, so why going for less?

Our beautiful Chocolate Sets are extremely practical, break-resistant, chip-resistant, scratch-resistant, and microwave- and dishwasher-friendly, what’s more, they are affordable when compared to their value for money spend… Definitely a Chocolate Set of a great value!

Check our collection of Chocolate Set tableware and choose from a variety of shapes and sizes what could add ultimate beauty and joy to your table at all occasions. Available in Dubai, KSA, Oman and Qatar.